How to Hack Anyone Whatsapp Account

Hey Friends, after so many Free Recharges & Offers here we are( back again with another article on Hacking Whatsapp Account Via PC. Now a days people think that whatsApp hacking is impossible and some are thinking it is possible ,friends i also 100% sure that you have also search on internet how to hack Whats App , than you see that all of the websites have its own tricks to hacking for Whatsapp, Facebook ,Gmail accounts etc, but now the question is arise that this are fake or it really work on it now this time we here to solve your problem , we can use for hacking someone WhatsApp account, if their is no login id and password. When we use whatsapp web for chatting friends on PC via Whatsapp Web , only you can just log in your friends whatsapp on your pc than you can read and reply their messages this tips is best and simple for you and also it work without rooting your phone, i sure that this tutorial is the best way to hack whatsapp . Follow the Step by step

What is WhatsAap Messenger ?

WhatsApp is a Social Media and Messaging app which allows you to send and receive messages to friends family and other people without having to pay for Messaging. it Available for Android, iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry and Nokia . In WhatsApp Messenger their is no Cost of messages and stay touch With your friends . WhatsApp user can also create groups and send to other unlimited messages images and videos.

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How to Hack Anyone WhatsApp Account

Now in this time some ethically hack will hack your faimily, friends and GF/BF wahtsapp account easily you also like this tutorial and use this method ,than simply follow the step given below and hack whatsapp account, you can follow the every step and you also able to read and rply the message of your friends and GF/BF.

Instructions to Work this Tricks

  • WiFi /Mobile Data Connection is good and both device are connect to Internet to read and reply the messages.
  • User have the device in hand and scan Code on your Via at WhatsApp Web for Use Friends whatsapp on PC/Laptop.
  • Which person you hack whatsapp it must not reinstall whatsapp or re verify Whatsapp Account.

#1- First open your friends whatsapp which your want to read messages ,and click Menu option > goto >Whatsapp Web.

#2-Than press the Plus icon(+) and it will open QR Code Scanner.

3#- After that in your pc open in PC/Laptop in Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla.

#4- Now you can Scan the code with Whatsapp QR Code Scanner which i show in above step 2.

#5- Now your friends or which you want to hack WhatsApp account will be logged in your PC/Laptop.

#6- Done!!! you can read the message and reply it .

Whatsapp Account is Hacked Enjoyed it

How can T secure WhatsApp to be Hacked

  • First open WhatsApp and Goto > WhatsApp Web Option.
  • Than if you see any Active Session Device Simply just Delete them

In the above step simply follow and it will deleted all sessions and logged in your whatsapp on any PC/Laptop.

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In this Article How to Hack your friends or GF/BF Whatsapp Account Ethically Via PC/Laptop .I think this is the best method to Hacked any one whatsapp account .

Thanks for your interesting Enjoy and use Hacking Whatsapp Account to read and Reply messages , if you have any query you free to comment below in the box .Subscribe to our Website to get Tips & Tricks notification of latest article and friends don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook , Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace and StumbleUpon.

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